Guarantee the very best online experience for your customers from the USA, Canada or South America.

The dedicated servers are the right solution for ensuring a great online experience for your website visitors. Nevertheless, the location of the dedicated server is another key factor for ensuring top website loading speeds. For this reason, our company offers you the possibility to have your server hosted in one of the best–connected datacenters in the US – Steadfast, which is physically located in downtown Chicago, USA. This specific facility will ensure the best onsite experience for your website visitors from the USA, Canada or Central and South America.

You’ll be able to choose between several different robust dedicated server configurations. All the servers in the US located datacenter offer SATA 2 hard disk drives, Gbit NICs as well as lavish monthly traffic and DDR memory allocations. Also, you can choose a preferred OS (Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS) on the signup page. You will be given complete root–level access and 3 charge–free dedicated IPs. Additionally, we will set up the dedicated server free of cost and will offer you a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Other US Hosting Services

In case dedicated hosting servers are a tad high–priced for you, in our US located datacenter you’ll find plenty of other web hosting solutions. Our US Cloud Website Hosting packages feature a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, a com domain for just $12.50 and also unlimited disk space and traffic allowances. Our US VPS Plans offer much more raw power than our cloud website hosting plans accounts do and are an ideal option for resource–requiring web pages. With our US Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans, you will be able to combine the user–friendliness of a cloud website hosting plans account (zero server management tasks, no need for special server monitoring operations, no training necessary) and the power of a dedicated server.