Internet mailing list subscribers are individuals that receive mass emails, such as weekly/monthly newsletters. Depending on the program that’s used to manage a particular mailing list, they may have registered personally, expressing their explicit permission to be part of the mailing list, or they may have been included manually. The latter implies that they will technically get unsolicited emails. Traditionally, members can be managed by the mailing list moderator who can include or remove them, or they can manually unsubscribe if they do not wish to get emails in the future. All mailing list members will invariably receive the exact same content provided that they are part of the same mailing list, but a single member will never be able to view the remaining mailing list members in the "To" field of the email.
Mailing List Members in Cloud Website Hosting
In case you’ve got a cloud website hosting plan with our company and you create an electronic mailing list, you’ll be able to administer the subscribers with ease. You do not even have to sign into your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, as you can accomplish everything via email from any place whatsoever. By sending email messages with particular commands to, you’ll gain access to lots of features offered by our popular Majordomo mailing list management software application. You can view a complete list of all active mailing list members, or if needed – you can add/remove members. If you add a new mailbox, the user in question will receive a notification and will need to verify that they are willing to be included in the mailing list. Deleting a member is also stunningly easy – you’ll only have to send a message to the administrator email address associated with the mailing list.
Mailing List Members in Semi-dedicated Servers
Every semi-dedicated server that we’re offering will allow you to create mailing lists with as many subscribers as you want. The advanced Majordomo software that we provide will give you full control over your subscribers. You’ll be able to add and to delete members or to view a full list of all current mailing list members. The new ones will receive a confirmation email and they will need to agree to subscribe to a given list and to get email messages in the future. You can manage the mailing lists that you’ve set up and the mailing list members from any place or device without needing to sign in to your Hepsia hosting Control Panel – you just need to send a message to In case you are unsure how to perform a specific task, you can always read the instructional articles about Majordomo that will be available in your hosting Contol Panel.